Fuck Yeah Veronica Varlow
This blog is dedicated to the Danger Dame herself, Veronica Varlow.

Veronica's fan mail address
Veronica Varlow, PO Box 21, West Shokan, NY 12494

The Strays
A little stray we found in Nebraska. She followed me everywhere. I wanted to take her with me, but she wandered with her sister and other cats around Homestead and got food, freedom and visitors every day. I do love that little thing.

Adventure Blog: Carhenge, Rainbows and a Magic Stray Cat

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Adventures on the Open Road: Ghosts, Fashion and WanderLUST

I woke up like this.
Curled in the back of a rental van in a truck stop parking lot in Wyoming.

Give me adventure.
Give me this wild life of open roads.
I was born with wanderLUST.

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Adventures on the Road: Rundown Motels and Strangers.

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